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Pearlita Foods Provides First-Ever Tasting of Their Vegan Oysters
at Converge South Expo

Winston-Salem, NC - September 09, 2022. Pearlita Foods, the world’s first alternative oyster company, showcased its vegan oyster products for the first time at the ConvergeSouth startup expo. 


Pearlita provided its first tasting of the alternative oysters in two applications - in a fresh seafood ceviche and as raw half-shell style. This tasting serves as a major milestone for the Pearlita team on their path to bringing safe and delicious vegan molluscs to market. 


Exhibition attendees had rave reviews for the alternative oyster samples, exclaiming:


 “Wait, I thought you gave me a sample of a real oyster to compare to.”

“That’s amazing!”

“You have to bring this market, as a vegan I need this.”


“Our alternative oyster product serves as a vegan, gluten-free and allergy-friendly replacement in any shellfish dish”, says Nikita Michelsen, CEO of Pearlita Foods. The Pearlita oyster is made of fungi and ocean flavors.


The success of the first tasting provides valuable feedback to the Pearlita team, who will continue tasting events throughout the Fall - hopefully to a town near you!

Pearlita Foods is on a mission to secure clean seafood & support clean oceans. 

Pearlita Oyster Ceviche Side Shot.png
Pearlita Oyster Ceviche Close Up.png
Pearlita Foods Booth.png

Pearlita Foods is the world's first alternative oyster company. We use plant-based and cell-based technologies to bring authentic and identical oysters to the plates of seafood lovers everywhere. 

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