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Pearlita Foods' First Prototype

Here at Pearlita Foods we are thrilled to present the world's first alternative oyster prototype. The prototype consists of a proprietary mushroom & seaweed formulated base and our novel flavor cocktail that gives the oyster that pure delicate and authentic ocean flavor. We are currently working on scaling up production to bring our alternative oysters to tastings.

New Pearlita Foods Slide Deck June 2022 .png

Pearlita Foods is the world's first alternative oyster company. We use plant-based and cell-based technologies to bring authentic and identical oysters to the plates of seafood lovers everywhere. We will first release our tasty plant-based alternative oyster while scaling up our cell-lines. 

Also in our roadmap are squid and scallops. Our mission is to make fresh & safe seafood accessible to all, even people who live far from coastlines.

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