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Stay up to date with Pearlita Foods latest news and announcements.

11.17.2022: Pearlita Holds First West Coast Tasting of Plant-Based Oysters in Berkeley, CA
Plant-basedOysterHalfShellGarnish (1).png

Berkeley, CA - November 08, 2022. Alt-seafood startup Pearlita announces the company recently held its first tasting of plant-based oysters. Taking place on Nov. 8 in the Bay Area, the tasting was part of a fundraising effort for Pearlita, which plans to launch its first alternative oyster into restaurants and retail in 2023. 

09.14.2022: Pearlita Foods Provides First-Ever Tasting of Their Vegan Oysters at ConvergeSouth Expo
Pearlita Oyster Ceviche Close Up.png

Winston-Salem, NC - September 09, 2022. Pearlita Foods, the world’s first alternative oyster company, showcased its vegan oyster products for the first time at the ConvergeSouth startup expo.

Image by Ben Stern

Americans love their oysters, but satisfying the coastal cities comes at a high price for the oceans’ delicate ecosystems. Currently, Americans eat approximately 2 billion oysters every year, and although plant-based diets continue to increase in popularity, danger to the depleted oyster reefs is urgent.

Image by The Tampa Bay Estuary Program

Cell-cultured seafood startup Pearlita has developed the first plant-based oyster prototype to save the oceans from overfishing. 

New Pearlita Foods Slide Deck June 2022 .png

The first images of the Pearlita Foods alternative oyster prototype has been released. The team is currently working on scaling up production to bring their alternative oysters to tastings.

Delicate Oyster

A Danish-born entrepreneur is developing what she claims are the world’s first cell-based oysters to allow more people to experience the delicacy’s unique taste and health benefits.

06.27.2022: Pearlita Foods Develops Alternative Oysters for Sustainable Seafood
Image by Tommaso Cantelli

Pearlita Foods is the world’s first alternative mollusk company, with an emphasis on cultivating oysters. The alternative protein company’s roadmap also includes cultivating scallops and squid.

04.11.2022: CULT Food Science Invests in Cell-Based Oyster Company Pearlita Foods
cult 5 .png

CULT Food Science is an innovative investment platform with an exclusive focus on cellular agriculture that is advancing the development of novel technologies to provide a sustainable, environmental, and ethical solution to the global factory farming and aquaculture crises, is pleased to announce that it has made an investment in Pearlita Foods.

02.03.2022: Cell-based Seafood is Catching On
Grocery Shopping

Lab-grown fish, crustaceans, and mollusk products aren't in stores and restaurants yet, but several companies say they are getting closer to commercial sales.

01.25.2022: Are Lab-Grown Oysters the Next Cultivated Food?
Shrimp, Clams & Oysters

A few days ago, a study revealed that global warming and rising temperatures in the United Kingdom were increasing the presence of a type of bacteria responsible for gastroenteritis in humans.

01.24.2022: Would You Eat Lab-Grown Oysters?

Burgers, chicken, foie gras... and now oysters. In the United States, a brand new laboratory aims to develop the very first oysters from stem cells

01.19.2022: Why Pearlita Foods Set Out to Make the First Cultivated Oyster Meat
Fresh Oysters

Are lab-grown oysters coming to a plate near you? That’s the hope for Nikita Michelsen and marine biologist Joey Peters, the co-founders behind the cultivated oyster meat seafood startup, Pearlita Foods.

01.19.2022: Pearlita Opens Research Lab to Develop World’s First Cultivated Oysters
Oyster Time

Pearlita, the latest startup seeking to disrupt seafood, announces the opening of a new research lab in Raleigh, NC to grow oysters from cellular agriculture

01.18.2022: The Future of Seafood starts in North Carolina - Pearlita Foods is bringing Oysters from bioreactor to table
Oyster Pasta

The co-founders, Nikita Michelsen, CEO, and marine biologist Joey Peters, PhD. cand., Head of Science, are headed to Raleigh to build the future of seafood at Pearlita Foods, starting with Oysters.

01.18.2022: North Carolina’s Pearlita Foods Wants to Create Cell-Cultured Oysters
Oysters on Ice

While much of the world’s sea life is under duress to climate change and acidification, oysters have it particularly bad because of where they live. Because oysters live in coastal reefs, bays, and estuaries, acidification and other problems related to global warming are extremely difficult to solve for due to a highly varied and complicated environment.

01.18.2022: Raleigh startup wants to grow seafood – without the sea

Growing oysters in a lab, no dredging required. That's the mission of Pearlita Foods, a Raleigh-based startup armed with capital from Sustainable Food Ventures and Big Idea Ventures' New Protein Fund. 

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